Plastic - Injection Moulding

For almost 30 years, we have dealt with the material plastic and its treatment during the injection moulding process.

Although initially, there was only a relatively limited range of plastic resources, today the range and selection is so diverse, the properties so highly developed and perfect, that a suitable plastic can be found for almost any purpose. Products are produced from these plastics, which open up unimagined possibilities in terms of quality, technology and appearance, allowing imaginations to run wild with regards design.

We currently work with 14 injection moulding machines with closing forces between 20 and 320 tonnes. This fleet of machinery includes 3 all-electric machines. We can manufacture plastic components with injection weights of between approx. 2g to 800g.

State-of-the-art peripheral devices and testing equipment support and facilitate production, guaranteeing consistent and documented quality.

An environmentally-friendly cooling system provides a constant water temperature to cool the machine hydraulics and injection moulds. Cooling circuits that can be individually controlled and separate supplying of hydraulics and tools guarantees the required temperature - irrespective of the ambient temperature.